This is Notebook. 

Notebook is a note-taking app for hyper-organised people who want
clean & content-rich notes, so they can get ahead. 


Notebook makes organised people organised.


The Journey Has Only Just Begun

We're in the midst of creating our first app - Notebook.
Take a look below at Notebook... how it looks, what it does,
and how it can help you!

Keep all your notes in one place while maintaining your privacy.


Privacy at the forefront

Notebook has privacy at the forefront. Upon install, we do not ask for any access permissions, nor do we ask for, collect, use, or send your user data and personal information. Everything is stored on-device, and easy to access - without prying eyes.


Efficient, Clean, and Organised UI/UX

The Notebook interface has an interface that is very easy to use and follows the material design guidelines.

To the point

Straight to the point

Quickly get to note-taking, and avoid all the fluff. From the second you first open Notebook, you can get straight to the point - whether you're writing down an idea, a reminder, or a thought you can't afford to forget - Notebook is there for you.

Write notes, spend time on what matters, get focused.

Notebook is a Project by Faraday.